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Default Re: Please help test the GeForce 8 "nv" driver.


I'm sorry that it took so long for me to reply, but for some reason I didn't get any notification to my mailbox about the new messages to this thread (I used to get one for every message earlier).

What I have to say is mostly positive. Switching forth and back between VTs (had to google to find out what VT means :-) seems to be no problem for the driver. The funny thing is that it didn't work before I installed this driver. There was a bug in my system (perhaps in the vesa driver, which I was forced to use) which made the system hang showing an empty black screen always when I tried to switch from GDM to VT.

No problems with jumping between different resolutions and refresh rates either.

There's room for improvement too. I don't know if this is about the display driver or the window manager, but when I move a window quickly around on top of another, the moving window leaves a trail behind it as if my graphics card wasn't fast enough. The phenomenon is not really bad, but it's clearly noticeable. Strangely this behaviour depends on what program the window belongs to. All windows move without trail on top of the plain desktop (only the desktop wallpaper behind them), as they do on top of a maximized Terminal window. On top of a maximized browser window, other windows leave a trail which consists of narrow strips of the escaping edge of the moving window. When I put Gedit (the Gnome text editor) as a maximized backround window on the other hand, the behaviour changes again. There's a trail, but this time it's all white (again it's the same with all different type of windows I moved above gedit). Putting Evolution as a background brings back the trailing strips. As I said, I don't know if this has anything to do with the driver, but I thougt I report it to be sure.

One last thing. I watched a HD video (1080i) with totem xine and it didn't play smoothly (I don't know if it even should even with a GeForce GTS 320MB). Last time when I watched the video in question I had a GeForce 7900 GTO, so my gear has changed. When I played the video with my old gear (and a different driver - propably proprietary Nvidia one, but I'm not sure), some parts of it played nearly flawlessly and other parts slowed down so much that justa a still picture every second or two was shown. Now with the new driver and the new card, the video played in not so slow slow motion. The interesting part is that the speed was about the same throughout the video. It was slower than the best parts watched with my previous gear, but much faster than the worst parts. Again, perhaps this has nothing to do with the driver.

I didn't look into xrander yet - have to google for it first :-) I have no idea how to run multiple xsevers either, or why anyone would want to. Have to get some sleep now. How busy is the schedule for the testing - how much time do we have?
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