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Default Re: Nforce 680i driver questions

Hmm. If you're able to return it, then you might want to consider doing so and getting an ~equivalent board from ASUS or Tyan. The reason is that, at least from my perspective, those two vendors are very responsive to Linux customers. However, I can't confirm that first-hand, since I don't have any boards made by them presently. Ask around.
I can't return it.

I don't see what difference it'd make, unless Asus made a plain better board. Its not like the board manufacturer has anything to do with the drivers. I'd likely be using the same possibly shoddy drivers.

The first time I was writing this post, my system hardlocked again

I guess you are suggesting Abit will be unresponsive if I personally email them about this sata problem I'm experience in Linux, while Asus would be responsive and release a bios?
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