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Default Re: Nforce 680i driver questions

Originally Posted by xwred1
I don't see what difference it'd make, unless Asus made a plain better board. Its not like the board manufacturer has anything to do with the drivers. I'd likely be using the same possibly shoddy drivers.
The problem is not necessarily "shoddy drivers," although that is likely with Linux + new hardware. Of course, it could also be some BIOS bug(s), damaged hardware, or a combination of issues. If it's a hardware quirk fixable in the BIOS, then yes, the board manufacturer does have something to do with it.

I guess you are suggesting Abit will be unresponsive if I personally email them about this sata problem I'm experience in Linux, while Asus would be responsive and release a bios?
No; for all I know, Abit might be very responsive and helpful. I was making suggestions under the assumption that you could return the board. Since you can't, it doesn't matter--you're stuck with Abit.

Anyways, check your PMs.
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