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Default Re: Movies / TV Shows You'd Like to See in Hi-Def

Is it season 6? I could've sworn it was technically season 5 part 2. I'm pissed if it IS season 6 (and hell, even if it's just 5p2) because the first 13 episodes still aren't out on DVD. I always like to watch the previous season right before the new one starts so I can make sure I'm fully up-to-date and refreshed on what happened.

The Shield is in my top three favorite shows...absolutely phenomenal.

And Rescue Me is equally awesome. The drama is fantastic, story-telling amazing, and the humor is top-notch. I think both seasons 1 and 2 are on sale for $20 this week at Best Buy and both are worth that and more. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you check them out. Fantastic television right there.
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