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Default Re: Matrix Trilogy coming to HD DVD only on May 22!

Originally Posted by OWA
Yeah, it'll be nice once they start releasing some of the more popular ones. I'm not sure why studios have released the ones they have unless maybe they're waiting for the technology to mature before releasing ones like LoTR, Jurassic Park, etc. Having the Matrix Trilogy come out is at least a start.
I don't understand it either. Having the Matrix and LoTR out will be a huge boost for promoting HD-DVD systems. It would make owning HD DVD compelling for a lot more people, particularly LoTR with all its sweeping vistas. Even if they released so-so versions now they could always put out the super-duper, reedited, remastered, retuned, retouched, director's recut rerelease with rediscovered lost scenes and commentary by the extras and grips further down the road.
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