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Default Re: Planning on switching cards, questions.

That's right, the beryl speed hit isn't significant. Concerning nvidia cards the GT indicates more performance than normal. This can be verified if you look at GPU clock speeds, comparing stock, GS and GT models. The other big factor is memory interface, here we are talking about 128-bit cards. Other factors are there but don't matter as much as those big two (overclocking aside).

Very high fps results are quite misleading. The 395 I was getting is probably an understatement because the bottleneck isn't the graphics but elsewhere like system cpu, memory or something. And pointless. No monitor can go that fast. My monitor goes at 85Hz, any fps above that is wasted. Of course I want to try to keep the stream healthily above it. UT2004 not quite there, but I bumped quality. Take away the quality and it would be faster.
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