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Default Re: I hate Flash

Originally Posted by superklye
That site is cool, but I can't read a damned thing even at 1600x1200. And guess what? Flash doesn't let you resize text unless you zoom the entire movie in (right clicking and choosing zoom in) which then only focuses on that ONE area of the site and you have to zoom back out...or if the designer codes something in there to allow for you to increase font size.

It's not usable. I'm sorry.

Flash is only good for banner ads and stuff like there where you want to show off and get that "WOW!"'s not good for primetime website usage because it's just far too limiting.

Flash should be a supplement, not the main course.
What's wrong with your monitor? I run at 1600x1200 and see the text just fine. Hell, I can even see the text fine if I run at 2048x1536, which is far beyond my monitors recommended viewing res (of 1600x1200).

21" Trinitron CRT, btw. 70.5 pounds of awesome.

Although, regardless of how awesome 2Advanced is, I do agree that in general Flash is better used for presentations and general fancyness (animated logos and whatnot), but should be kept away from the majority of web site navigation.
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