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Default Re: Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific gone gold

Originally Posted by SignorSalad
Those screenshots look damn good, even with the jaggies. I saw the videos at the official site and they looked terrific as well. Gameplay makes the game, but the screenshots get you to take notice. Is the upscaling really as bad as its being made out to be?
The screenshots donīt look bad but in motion you actually see the inflated jaggies really bad. Mind you, Iīm a guy who played for years with jaggies and donīt even mind them all that much but the problem is really the upscaling because it makes the jaggies larger than they actually would be if it were rendered properly. I guess its not a big issue if you have a CRT but on a LCD; especially one that doesnīt upscale well, I canīt recommend a purchase until a fix has been found. (IMO of course)

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