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Question Problems: Switching DVI with KVM using Linux nvidia driver


I'm running a Windows box (ATI X800XL) and a Linux PC (Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti4200) on my Eizo S2100. For switching between the PCs I use a UNICLASS 2-Port DVI/USB KVM (DVI-202AU-SK). On Linux I use the nvidia driver (1-0-9631) on openSUSE 10.2

If I start the Windows PC first, there is no problem to start the Linux PC: Both have DVI signal.

But if I start the Linux Box first and afterwards the Windows PC, the Windows PC doesn't recognize the DVI monitor and the screen is blank. If I remove the DVI cable from the Linux box just for booting, the Windows PC recognizes the DVI monitor and I can switch between the PCs without problems.

Sure, the Windows PC has an ATI; but if I change the Linux driver to the xorg nv-Driver instead of the accelerated nvidia driver, I don't get this effect and everything works smooth.

My question: How can I influence the nvidia driver to get this constellation to work?

Thx in advance,

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