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Default Re: Zalman CNPS9500LED temps too damn high.

Originally Posted by stevemedes
I'm about to take off my heatsink and lap it. I get 50C idle on a warm day @ 3.2ghz 1.4v in BIOS
What exactly is your ambient temp when you say,"a warm day"? Your temps don't seem that crazy considering your voltage.

More voltage increases temps significantly more than just increasing the clock speeds.

For example, I have a watercooled E6600 on an Asus P5B DX and here are my idle and load temps at different speeds and voltages.

Stock clocks and voltage - idle: 24/25c load: 32/33c
3.2 (8 x 400) and 1.45v - idle: 27/28c load: 42/43c
3.6 (9 x 400) and 1.525v - idle: 31/32c load: 50/51c

Ambient temp is ~ 23c - 25c. And full load is dual f@h for several hours. Orthos or TAT is a degree or two hotter.
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