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Default A7N266-VM-RH9-Success

I'm new to Linux (though I did run it back around '92 for a while--things have changed ), so getting linux running on this board was a bit of a learning experience.

First I had the hang at finding modules dependencies. That was solved (thanks to hints from this forum and other places) by unplugging the mouse. I found that I could plug it back in once I got past that point in the boot process and it would work. It hung again upon rebooting, but I've since put the mouse on one of the USB ports connected to the front of my case and the machine now boots with the mouse attached. So if you have this problem try unplugging the mouse temporarily or just try different ports.

The sound worked when the machine came up, but the NIC didn't and the RPM (NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0248.src.rpm) on the nVidia site didn't work. The kernel tar file version did work, however (thanks to scritch for that tip), but upon upgrading to the 2.4.20-9 kernel my Ethernet port was broken again.

I saw a post from meterman regarding and a 0248 RPM so I checked there and found nvnet-1.0_0256-1.athlon.rpm which got my Ethernet going again.

At first I was concerened that I'd be stuck running Windows on this machine (for a while at least), but everthing seems to be working great now thanks mainly to this board.
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