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Default Re: ***Official XBL Marketplace Thread***

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Rondo of Blood is being remade for the PSP but it also will include a remix of SOTN.
Thanks for telling me. I guess I should read previews more carefully, but will it still have the original rondo of blood on it, so there's a total of 3 unique games?

They could also include the snes remake so it will have all three incarnations of rondo of blood plus symphony of the night's remix and they could include the saturn areas for it.

The sNES remake of Rondo was a poster child for the snes' bright color palette. It was also weird like bloodlines. I think, but I'm not sure, that Bloodlines and the sNES remake of rondo were done mostly by the same team. They're both the weirdest and they were about a 1.5 years apart (94 and 95.)
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