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Default New system is built. OC'ing questions

Ok gang, my new rig is up and running and survived last night's torture test.

It consists of an E6600, MSI P6N Platinum, 2 gigs of Patriot DDR2 1066 and a zalman 9500 led HSF.

I've been so out of the overclocking loop, I really haven't got much clue as to what I'm doing. I realize that FSB X Multiplier = the final CPU's clock speed but my bios, the system info window and CPUz are confusing me.

First off, in the bios, the multiplyer is set at 9 which I assume is it's default. The FSB though starts off at like 1300mhz.

I'm confused as to where 1300 is coming from to start with. The CPU runs at 1066 mhz??

Anyways, I set the fsb to 1500 to see what happend and upon reboot, the post screen said the resulting clock speed was 3.38 GHz. I open up CPUz and in the core speed, for a split second, it shows 3.38 and then jumps down to 2.25 and then shows the multiplier at 6X, bus speed at 375mhz and rated fsb is still at 1500 MHz.

The system is totally stable as it was still runing prime 95 since yesterday afternoon. Can anyone shed some light on what I'm seeing here?
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