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Default Re: ***Official XBL Marketplace Thread***

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
SNES never got Rondo of Blood, Dracula X for the SNES is more of an off shoot of the game rather then a port of Rondo of Blood (shared alot of content but the levels were almost completly different). The only way a person outside of Japan has played the game was through import or emulation, Konami never brought it over to the states. This will be the first time it will make it overseas.

The PSP will get the original, remake and SOTN. Not the SNES version since its the lesser of the games.
It definately wasn't a port. I guess this could be wrong, but if not, then I like to call the snes one a remake of the turbo duo(import) even though it was nowhere near as good. They fall under the same part of the time line and a lot of the levels have the same themes and music, just different art style and the music isn't redbook.

The story had a few changes for the super nes remake (Shaft wasn't in it IIRC and maria and annette are sisters only in the super nes one.), but those changes weren't enough to make the main events not count.

I think maybe I should sell my (import) rondo of blood before it goes down in value.

I could be wrong about this of course, but I consider a port to be the same game ported to another platform with technical differences due to the systems' hardware and then remakes to be like the GC REmake.
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