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Originally Posted by mullet
stevemedes is right. I would rather run 4-4-4-12 and try and get as far as I can with it then go to 5-5-5-15 any day. I think you also need orthos this will run both cores at once then to run 2 instances of prime95, if you can run orthos for at least 8 hours with no errors your in pretty good shape.
Ya.. I noticed my overclock was stable in Prime95 but would BSOD after like an hour in a game (so im going to test using Orthos). I took the speed of the ram down using a different ratio (4:5) this time so my memory is clocked slightly above 800 but is now using tighter timings and I am still clocked at 3.0Ghz on the CPU It stopped the BSOD's in the games so hopefully now it will pass Orthos... if so... perhaps I did not hit my CPU's limit and the memory was just clocked to high before and now I can push on to 3.2Ghz or better on 1.4v
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