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Originally posted by forevrnite
Hmm, it didn't detect some info file and switched to manual install mode when I used the downloaded boot iso for the ftp install.
The info files it looks for are those created by a previous install on the same system (e.g. an upgrade from an earlier version of SuSE or restarting an aborted installation). It is perfectly normal for those not to be found on the first install :-)
Manual mode should only happen if there is insufficient memory or no supported VESA video mode in order to do the graphical install.

For the 2NICs on the A7N8X deluxe, the one closest to mouse and keyboard connector is the 3Com 3C920B-EMB (embedded) and the one between all the sound connections is the nvidia nforce2 NIC.
For the 3Com NIC I used a patched 3c90x driver in SuSE 8.1. In SuSE 8.2 it's autodetected with the 3c59x driver.
For the nforce NIC you need the nvnet driver from nvidia.
Good luck with Debian.
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