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Default Re: Please help test the GeForce 8 "nv" driver.

Hi AaronP and all,

My new 640MB 8800GTS arrived on Thursday, about the same time as the nv 2.0.0 arrived in Gentoo portage, so here's my take on it:

All seems to work fine, I haven't noticed any bugs yet.

I run an 80x50 text console (vga=0x0f01 in kernel command line). When switching from an X session to a text mode session, the screen displays in 80x25 and I can't see half of the screen. It's pretty much the same as the nvidia driver (see my previous thread) but with the nv driver the text display isn't corrupted.

Switching between my X session and my wife's works pretty much the same as the nvidia driver, except that with the nv driver the new X session displays the screen contents of the old one for 1/2 a second or so before switching to the new session (that is, when pressing CTRL-ALT-F8 I get "black screen" then "display of old session" then "display of new session"). This isn't a problem at all. I tried playing a youtube video in each session and switching between them, after the initial 1/2 second or so all was fine.

I know glxgears isn't a benchmark, and that 3D performance isn't a focus for the nv driver, but as a data point I get about 21k FPS with the nvidia driver and about 500FPS with nv.

If you're interested, you could look at my Xorg.0.log, and the output of xdpyinfo and glxinfo.

Thanks for the driver!
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