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Default Re: asus m2n/nforce 430/mcp61 + suse 10.2 = no network

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
The network driver should be shipped with your linux distribution and is called 'forcedeth'. It is part of the Linux kernel. In the past the drivers weren't part of the Linux kernel and at that moment nvidia offered their own drivers (they were closed source). You can find a little more info here:
yes, I know. as I wrote in my first post, I've installed them. and they don't work... on this page is nothing about my problem.
maybe I should try some other distributions... but I wanted suse...

and I have to say, that when I turn suse on, he's detecting wire network connection and he's connecting it, but it doesn't work. and in each turning on it's different eth (the last time it was eth12).

dunno what to do...
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