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Default Re: Zalman CNPS9500LED temps too damn high.

Originally Posted by superklye
and the CPU is idling at about 40C now and only gets up to 46C under full load at 3.0GHz!Man...this HSF ROCKS!
Kyle, dont be afraid to crank up the vcore I had my e6600 up to 1.4875 with that same Zalman you bought off me. Idled ~40c, but Im guessing your ambient is far higher
Here were my temps with your same Zalman 9500:

@ Steve, do you have any other CPUs that you can test with? DONT go and buy some other HSFs! Trust me! My friend's e6400's temps are really f*cked up and he flew through like 5 HSFs. It is not the HSF, believe you me. It could be the circuitry of the chip underneath the IHS of the CPU itself. (like the TIM under the IHS is not making proper contact with the core) Dont bother lapping it either - that voids the warranty. IMO You should use the warranty from Intel directly - I have read that many have had pleasant experiences with Intel's RMA process. Explain to them that your chip runs far too hot and they will set you straight.
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