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Default Re: nVidia driver 1.0-96xx causes glitches, artifacts and crashes on Ubuntu Edgy/Feis

The bug does persist for me, too. I have no time and no intention to wait for a year until nVidia manages to fix this - there's no working driver for newer kernels, there won't ever be a working driver for newer kernels, and the old, working drivers will never be backported to newer kernels. It is clear to me now that the integrated GeForce2 is effectively unsupported, no matter how loud you deny the fact.

To make one thing clear, my biggest concern is not the introduction of a regression into the driver. *Stuff like that happens.* What I'm just mad about is your strict refusal to even consider helping me in getting 1.0-8776 to run - because nVidia decided that it was unsupported. Who on Earth releases a new driver to the masses, obviously not tested thouroughly enough, then immediately discontinues support for all older drivers which were working correctly, and finally answers those customers who find the new driver to be unusable that they are unable to fix the bug, since they cannot reproduce the problem, no matter what you say or do, and that they won't help in getting the old driver to run, because it is unsupported, and touching unsupported source code is, like, against your religion?

nVidia: You succeeded in convincing me that customer-support-wise you are even worse than Deutsche Telekom. And that is quite an achievement. I'm going to find a new graphics card, preferably an open-source solution. Let's look at these sweet Intel boards...

So without further flaming, goodbye to you.
You've just lost another customer.
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