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Default Re: nVidia driver 1.0-96xx causes glitches, artifacts and crashes on Ubuntu Edgy/Feisty

Just signing in to say I'm annoyed too about the lack of integrated GeForce2 support. I've been waiting long enough, and now that I'm going to Feisty, I have to lose all 3d support and fall back to the "nv" driver? Or buy a new card? This card ran 3d games on windows fine up until just a year or so ago, and it can't even render a window under linux?

Come on, just release a 96xx driver that will do compositing on a geforce2 integrated and compile on Feisty we'll get off your back. These Asus boards are relatively common hardware, a lot of people will be right pissed when Feisty is out of beta and X will not run on their upgraded system.

In fact arunvragh's setup is exactly the same as what I have! How many more of us are out there? We're the ones who bought your first Nforce chipset, but how quickly you forget us.
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