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Default Re: 8800 GTX with no 3d in SUSE

Originally Posted by nicholaelaw
First of all, I'm new to Linux and I have just managed to install it.
[ ...deleted... ]
I have SUSE 10.2 on my desktop and I've installed the 9755-x86 driver for my 8800GTX. The problem is that no matter what I do I can't turn the 3D acceleration on. Well pity I can't enjoy XGL or Beryl...

But even my screen resolution seems weird! The letters are somewhat poorly displayed. Well I don't know much about Linux Desktop but I know that it shouldn't be like that.

I did both the easy way (thru YaST2 via NV YUM) and the hard way (compiling a driver from the .run file from NV). I have the nvidia X Server settings running, but SaX2 still shows nothing right about my video card.

Anyone know the solution to this please? I'm exhausted on this system and I may consider switch to ubuntu~
I'm currently in the process of setting up such a box myself so I'm very interested in the outcome.

I run several boxen with Suse 10.1/2 and various kinds of Nvidia cards except 7* / 8* cards.
The wierdest settings are:
dual head QuadroFX 3000 with 1280x1024 and
1920x1200 and accelerated 3D,
dual head GeForceFX 6600GT with 1280x1024
and 1024X768 (TV) with (hopefully) the option to
go HDTV :-) .
All others are various 5200 / 5700 / 5900 single head setups.

Things I have come across are:
Nvidia settings does sometimes not work and produces strange results. I recommend not using it. It is sometimes necessary to tell yast2 / sax2 the monitor characteristics using the Windows disk
(I had to do this several times - often enough to
remember it well - with my SM 243T). If the fonts
look strange you have either a) wrong monitor
description, b) wrong resolution or c) both.
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