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Default AMD64x2, FC6, Scrambeld -White Dots Screen on Boot

Hello ,

I need some help configuring the nvidia driver for fc6.

I have installed successfully the nvidia driver (that included updating the kernel to 2.6.20-1.2933, installation of pkgconfig, xorg-x11-server-sdk, gcc and kernel-devel).

When booting into run level 5, after i see the nvidia logo splash screen, instead of the usual login screen, I get a screen full of white dots. However if I switch to run level 3, I can login and run startx, but when I am trying to go back to shell alt+ctrl+f1 I receive again a white dotted screen (see the attached nvidia-bug-report.log)

I am running a dual core AMD 64bit laptop, with a 6150 Geforce GO adapter, and following the advise published in the forum I set the kernel option idle=poll. Also I have disabled SELinux environment by setting selinux=0.

I have also attached the xorg.conf file , that was set by nvidia-xconfig and the Xorg.log file.

Thank you for your help
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