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Default Re: AMD64x2, FC6, Scrambeld -White Dots Screen on Boot

0) I have removed 'rhgb quiet' from GRUB configuration. Then, I could see the login screen on boot from run level 5 (THANKS!!), but the problem remains when I am trying to go into shell by ctrl+alt+f1, or when I am shutting down/restarting .

1) The bug report sent previously was produced as follows:
I have rebooted into run level 3, ran `startx -- -logverbose 6` , pressed alt+ctrl+f1, saw a scrambeld screen, pressed ctrl+alt+del (reboot), then ran ``

2) Following your question, I have updated, succesfully, my bios to it's latest version (F.28 for HP Pavilion). However, Now, boot fails. I get the following message:
0000:00:0d.0: cannot adjust BAR0 (not I/O).

Should I install fc6 from scratch?
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