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Default NEED HELP GF7600GS on openSUSE 10.2

Ok, I need Help with GF7600GS on openSUSE 10.2. I am a fairly new linux user, and this is the first time I have tried openSUSE. I installed openSUSE 10.2 on a machine. At the end of the install (to my surprise), it told me that my graphics card, which it correctly identified as a GeForce 7600GS, was not in its list of supported cards (even though they list it as supported online).

On this page was the resolution/monitor configuration. No matter what resolution I set it to (even if it was the same resolution as the one displaying on the screen), when I told it to "test settings", the screen would go black. On the CRT I used originally, the monitor said something about the frequency being out of range. I tried it on 3 different CRT's, and they all said either this, or just went completely black (sleeping). When I tried it on a Dell LCD monitor, it also just went black. I was able to skip this page, as no resolution worked, and continued to the desktop. When trying to configure the resolution correctly through the GNOME interface, I had the same results with all monitors I tried on. I then tried to install the drivers. I successfully obtained the drivers, as the NVIDIA guide said to do, and they seemed to be installed on my system. I rebooted to allow them to take effect, but when I opened it up again, nothing seemed to have changed. YasT lists both packages as installed, but when I configure my graphics card, it still says that it is not on the supported list and that it does not have a driver. I tried to configure XGL, but it had an error every time. Then, when I went to configure the graphics card/monitor again, most of the resolution choices yielded the same error message as before, saying that SaX2 had run successfully, but no response from Xgl. I continued trying different resolutions until one (I don't remember which) caused my screen to go completely back again. I didn't remember the ctrl+alt+backspace command, and I didn't want to wait for it to default to my old resolution (1024x768, which doesn't work even if I try using it). So, I hit "enter". My screen returned instantly telling me that my settings had been saved!!!

Later, when I was trying to re-install the NVIDIA drivers again, I went into runlevel 3. However, I had forgotten that my new settings had been "saved". Upon reaching runlevel 3, my screen went black. Now, whenever I boot the computer in openSUSE, THE SCREEN GOES BLACK AS SOON AS I REACH SHELL. I have no problem with re-installing SUSE, but I need help installing these drivers.

Please help me.
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