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Default Compiz with Legacy 1.0.7184 Driver?

Hi people!

Yesterday I finally managed to install beryl in Ubuntu Feisty with the 1.0-9629 driver, and I was the happiest person in the world. Then I ran the update as usual, and after the restart, the driver told me that my GPU (a NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 Go, which is actually not thaaaat old) was no longer supported by the newly installed 1.0.9755 driver and that I should use the legacy driver. Installed it, and now beryl doesn't work any more. Does anybody know if it is possible to run beryl with the legacy driver? Otherwise I would really beg for NVidia to include my graphics card to the supported driver again. I think it is time to get the Nouveau driver running, because other than Beryl I don't want to use any 3d things anyway.... and my next graphics card will be an intel card....

Greetings, silwol.
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