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Default feisty fawn + card's <FX series

hey there!

ubuntu developers updated the repository of nvidia-glx from 9631 to version 9755, this cut off support for card's older than FX series (f.e. geforce 3,4).

those users should use nvidia-glx-legacy (7xxx) from now on, instead of legacy 9631, which is not available in the repos. (and i doubt this is a good driver for a geforce 4)

so i tried to install 9631 from but somehow its not working (kernel is 2.6.20-13 generic), (all requirements like build essential are given)

in the irc channel #ubuntu-kernel i was told that the old 9631 driver from the repos was patched somehow to work with the -12 kernel.

at the moment im not able to get any direct rendering, i wasnt able to install nvidia-glx-legacy (but it seems that is just me). on the top of it all the "nv" opensource driver is broken too at the moment -> i cant even use the tv-out

id be glad if someone could give me information, how to get 9631 driver work, or any other solution.

some links:
also several threads on ubuntuforums:

edit: i got 9631 working now, but only with this in xorg.conf
Section "Extensions"
Option "Composite" "Disable"
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