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Default Re: First time Linux user... drivers?

Originally Posted by Valheru
Don't. The command line is there for a reason. Learn to actually USE your operating system.
When making the switch from Windows to Linux, the biggest obstacle is overcoming the paradigm shift that Microsoft introduced - the notion that there is nothing but a graphical environment in which the user is forced to operate. The command line is a lot more flexible and powerful than a pure graphical environment could ever possibly be. My advice is not to neuter yourself by clinging to broken, useless notions of how an operating system should work introduced by a group of amateurs who ignored the rules.
I guess I should have prefaced it with applications, IE, using Kino to author family DVDs, or using GnomeBaker or k3b in place of Nero, etc. I've always preferred the Linux console even back in the RH 5.2 days but I'll say Gnome has certainly evolved to the point that I prefer it over KDE. Finding the Linux alternative to the Win32 programs were the most difficult.
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