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Default Warning for HD renters @ Blockbuster

For those who know, I work at Blockbuster as a shift manager or manager on duty. We are just now getting our HD-DVD/Blu-Ray shipments in and are about to put them on shelves. Actually, if your local BB doesn't carry them yet, they should within the next handful of weeks.

IF you do rent either format from Blockbuster, think again. A memo got passed around to different stores and turns out, when you turn in a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray disc, managers have to carefully inspect the discs for ANY type of change in the condition of the disc. If there is a change in the condition, you get charged $40-$50 on the spot!

Do I agree with this new policy? Oh yes. Most people bring back movies with Coke rings (no, not drugs lol), baby-puke on the disc and even GASOLINE all over the casing and disc!!! My boss is just too whimpy to charge the customer for the movie.

So, just a heads up for all of you BB renters. If I could suggest anything, go take your money to Hollywood Video or just SOMEWHERE ELSE. Don't support Blockbuster!!!!
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