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Default Re: Good MMORPG to start for n00bs ?

Originally Posted by Hambone
-Lots of ANNOYING 13 year olds (or younger)
-Hardly any debth or lore or anything to do a max level aside from PVP or raid for gear - or faction grind
-NASTY ugly playstation 2 looking crap graphics. I can not stand to look at WoW. It would be an insult to my computer to play it.
-Did I mention thousands and thousands of annoying 13 year olds?

Basically WoW is a fast kiddie game with no debth but good PVP. If you don't mind 12 year olds, don't want to think much and like to fight other people. WoW is the game for you.
This is all complete BS, SH64, with the possible exception of the graphics. The endgame is very robust and there's plenty to do. This guy has obviously never played WoW for any significant period. The player base is huge but contains significant amounts of mature, friendly, helpful people. Ignoring the kiddies is easy enough (though I hardly ever run into them). To say the game has no depth shows a complete lack of experience with the endgame, making it kind of hard to take the guy's comments seriously. Honestly though the comments about the "kids" thing is simply a generalization people use to attack the game, and it's baseless (there's kids in every MMORPG).

Originally Posted by Hambone
(which is a big disadvantage in PVP unless you have all the best and most up to date ones and spend all day customizing them and learning how to use them)
I had to point this one out in particular - it doesn't even make any sense. I slaughter people in PvP and barely use more than the default UI. I suppose poor players need loads of obnoxious addons but most people can get on perfectly well with just the default UI.

I had to step in and dismiss this idiotic, poorly thought-out, and baseless critique of the game. The fact is that WoW is a fun game which offers a great deal for the subscription fee and has plenty to offer at the endgame. If you more interested in hardcore-style play then there is a huge raiding endgame for you to enjoy, if you prefer more relaxed gameplay you have 5-man dungeons. PvP offers something for both. And you can create a new character to try out a new class and experience the entire questing game in place any time you want.

I will refrain from attacking other games as I have little experience with them. I can say though that I have no desire to play any other MMORPGs as WoW is still my favorite game to play, having been playing it since release. answer SH64's questions!

In case you couldn't tell, my answer to your first question would be WoW. MMORPGs in general are basically grinding-type games at their cores. What each game offers is a framework to support this base - in WoW, there are quests, 5-man group instances (instances are areas of the game which when entered are unique to your party), world PvP, organized battleground PvP, arena-based gladiator-style PvP, and endgame raiding (reputation grinding is also part of this but is generally blended into with the other elements). WoW's endgame allows you to choose between PvP and endgame raiding to advance your character through gear upgrades, though you could conceivably do both if you have the time (loser :P). To a lesser extent 5-man instances are a viable alternative to raiding though you mind find they can become stale once you've thoroughly farmed them.

As far as minimum connection, any basic broadband setup would probably be the lowest you'd want to shoot for.
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