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Default Re: Good MMORPG to start for n00bs ?

My opinion on MMORPG for a "noob"

Don't play EQ, WoW, or Vanguard(and for god sakes not Guild Wars). Start with a free MMORPG. There are loads out there. See what you like and what suits your interests. Then decide from there.

Reason I say do this is because a player who is use to a game like EQ or Vanguard gets absolutely bored with WoW. On the flip side, a WoW player going to Vanguard/EQ will hate it because there is "too much grinding". Guild Wars isn't even up for debate because its not even an MMORPG. It will skew what you believe is an MMORPG and you will end up hating them all together.

So again, I would try to find some free MMORPG. RYL2 is a decent one. Its not great, but it will give you a taste and it is free.

A good "neutral" pay MMORPG that isn't as spoonfed as WoW, but not as much grinding as Vanguard is a game called Lineage 2. You would have to pay for it, but it would at least give you a taste for what you like. If you play it and think "man, there is too much grinding in this game" then maybe you should play WoW. If you get on the game and think "man, these kids are annoying the hell out of me and this game is too easy", then maybe you should try Vanguard.
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