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Default Re: Zalman CNPS9500LED temps too damn high.

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar
The CNPS9500 needs lapping???

I put that on last night. my E6600 is running right now at 3.4ghz. I'll reboot in a little while and post the voltage and temp (btw what do you guys use to measure temps in windows?)

The HSF is cool to the touch though. I'll admit though. It's in a Lian Li PC-V1200Bplus II Case with a pair of low RPM 120mm fans in the front and another in the back. The zalman (running at full speed) is pointing so that the fan faces the front of the case and pulls from that direction blowing it through the cooler striaght at the exhaust fan. Pretty effecient IMO.

same setup, mine ran at 43 idle and about 60 under load.

ill admit though, i didn't have any thermal paste at the time, so i left the old gunk on when i switched.

by the time i got the thermal paste to my dorm, i had already switched to a thermalright ultra 120

my guestamate would be 39 idle and 53 under load if the thermal paste had been properly applied

oh, and both my zalman 9500 and thermalright 120 ultra could use a good lap
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