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Default Re: Warning for HD renters @ Blockbuster

Originally Posted by OWA
Yeah, same here especially when they use to charge late fees. I frequently paid such high late fees that I could have easily bought the movie so that's what I started doing. Edit: Actually, I buy it if I think I'll like it or want to watch it more than once. I do still rent a lot of low-budget movies that I'm interested in seeing but wouldn't want to own.

six_storm, where does the $40-$50 charge come from? That is, why doesn't the person just get charged retail. Are rentals more "heavy duty" or something thus costing more?
They did the same crap with VHS back in the day...if something was really messed up, they charged like $100 because of all the "stuff' they have to do to make them rentable.

It's just a scam.
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