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Default Re: Zalman CNPS9500LED temps too damn high.

Originally Posted by buffbiff21
I did read through the whole thread, and not once did you state that you tested a DIFFERENT CPU with your 9500.

Do what you want then; go ahead and order some different hsf. just dont complain to me when your problem remains. I was honestly only trying to help.

His CPU wouldn't be running cooler with the stock Intel fan, though. The stock fan sucks.

That alone says there's something wrong with the Zalman HSF he's using. It could *possibly* be that the Intel HSF is more convex and fits his processor better. He may need to lap his processor to see better temps, and if that's the case, then I might suggest just RMAng for a new CPU. I haven't lapped mine because I don't want to void the warranty on it.

steve--if I were you, I would do what one person suggested and apply some grease to both your heatsink and your processor. Then place it flat on a piece of glass or a flat sheet of something and see how good the contact is between them. This will tell you whether your HSF or processor is more concave.

Lastly, if I were on air, then I would get me a Tuniq Tower. It's the best HSF out there, period--can even make as much as a 5-8 degree difference from many of the other good HSF's out there.

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