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First, a fair amount of "rumors" ARE squashed by tech manufacturers on a fairly regular basis.

Second, no one's really answered any of my questions. So let's see: It was approx. 111 days between the orginal nForce's preview and it's review. nForce 2 was previewed July 16, so it's been 43 days already. Sept. 1 is 5 days away, so if they review (i.e. still not available to the public) on Sept. 1 it will have been 48 days. If they review Sept. 30 it will have been 77 days. I guess that's still better than 111 days, eh?

Here's a new question: What's nVidia's track record for time between Review and "To Market"? 3 weeks? What's the industry average? I honestly have little more than a guess on these...
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