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Default Re: Good MMORPG to start for n00bs ?

Originally Posted by Xion X2
The downside to WoW is that the audience is a lot younger and more immature.. no matter what someone may tell you. I've only been playing it for 4 days now, and already I've ran into two very unique characters. One was a kid that logged in as a female character under the name "buttsex" and shouted over the chat "who wants to *@(! me in the *@@ for 5 dollar??" over and over for about 5 minutes until he was banned. I never saw that kinda stuff on Vanguard after even hundreds of hours of play. You also get a lot more people talking like: "y r u afk.. lol dont u kno we r tryin 2 group???" which gets under my skin for some reason.
Hey now don't overestimate older gamers...plenty of guys in their 20s will do stuff like that for kicks.

/leave general FTW!

The first major goal you should set for yourself in WoW is to find a guild that caters to the kinds of people you want to play the game with and just stick with them. Your experience will be greatly enhanced.
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