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Default Re: Good MMORPG to start for n00bs ?

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
To be honest, the only "bug" i have seen is crashing to the desktop. Most any major MMORPG has that problem within its first few months. Hell Morrowind is how many years old now? That game constantly crashes to the desktop even to this game.
Tyger, I like Vanguard a lot, but I've seen every bug under the sun w/ Vanguard so far. For example:

I've gotten the "crafting bug" where my character will finish a "Highly Impossible" classified work order with a 100% grade A without a single complication, and then struggle like hell to finish a "Moderate" work order with a C grade the very next time I attempt to craft. It's too inconsistent, and you never know what to expect. Your guy may craft a moderate w/o with ease on one occasion and then not be able to finish with a C grade the next--causing you to run out of action points early and losing all XP in the process. Extremely, extremely aggravating.

I've gotten the "group bug" tons of times when you're trying to form a group with someone and it says they're already in a group--even if they're not. The only way to fix it is for the person who has it to re-log--only you never really know who has it, so usually everybody ends up re-logging. This is most aggravating.

I've gotten the "loot bug" where you or another in your group is trying to loot a corpse and it says "someone is already looting that corpse"--even if there is no one else touching it. This happened on a recent mission at the ToD with six of us grouping together.

I've gotten the infamous "crash to desktop" bug a zillion times--usually in the crafting halls of Hathor Zhi, but it's happened all over the world map.

I've gotten the "memory leak bug" that causes your game to suddenly drop to a slideshow out of nowhere. Most of the time "/flush" has fixed this; sometimes it hasn't.

I've gotten the "corpse bug" where you're trying to recover your corpse and it isn't there.

I've gotten the "compass bug" that has marked locations on my compass completely bass-ackwards from where they really were, and I've had to turn around and travel the completely opposite direction and retrace my footsteps to get to the right place.

I've gotten the "binding bug" where I have bound an item in my inventory and it repeatedly unbinds itself for no explainable reason. This happened with some chest armor I purchased off the broker recently.

I don't think there are many parts of this game that haven't been bugged so far. Given all of this and much, much more.. I still love the game. But there comes a point when you just want to play something that works instead of beta testing all the damn time.

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