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Default Re: Warning for HD renters @ Blockbuster

Originally Posted by OWA
six_storm, where does the $40-$50 charge come from? That is, why doesn't the person just get charged retail. Are rentals more "heavy duty" or something thus costing more?
We get our movies from a warehouse distributer and for some reason, we don't get them cheap. Every single BR or HD disc that we get cost $40 a pop, regardless of title. That's one reason we don't carry/order VHS anymore = $100 a tape! VHS tapes are pretty much "custom work" nowadays so they will charge more for whoever not keeping up with the times. Does that make sense?

I can't wait to call and tell someone that they are going to be charged $40 on their account because they let a piece of lint get on the disc. That'll be the highlight of my day. /sarcasm

The point is that Blockbuster is a terrible place to rent so don't go there and don't get BBOnline.
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