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Given that the kernel developers generally
consider binary-only drivers as non-Kosher,
I wouldn't have much hope in asking them to
change one of the stock module's names to
accommodate a proprietary driver.

It's true, once an individual user knows what
the problem is, it would be easy to work around --
by modprobe'ing the full path,
or manually renaming the module file.
But the point is that a name collision is
hidden breakage: most of the difficulty
was in discovering why this setup, which
normally worked nicely, was failing this time
without any meaningful diagnostics appearing anywhere.

We need to make sure this doesn't happen!
So I ask the NVidia developers to help.

It might be a good idea (and the core
kernel people might like this) to make modprobe detect ambiguities:
if you "modprobe nvidia" it could have warned in the syslog that
it had found several nvidia.o's and chosen one.
This kind of thing will surely happen again in other contexts.
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