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Default Re: Good MMORPG to start for n00bs ?

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
My point is that equating lazy typing to immaturity is fallacious because it relies on the assumption that to type "aol speak" means you are necessarily young and/or immature which in many cases is not true.
Yet in many cases is, which was my point. I never meant to imply that everyone who talks like that is "immature," so if you took it that way then I apologize.

And I was never basing my "immature" comment on speak alone, anyway. Aside from the "buttsex" guy/girl, there have been lots of people who never bother to say one word to me or introduce themselves or anything and send me a group invitation all of a sudden. On Vanguard, characters will walk up to you and wave or bow and ask you if you'd like to group first. They don't do that as often on WoW.

Something else, too, is I'm playing as a chick Night Elf and getting hit on by guys left and right. One Night Elf dude was flirting with me, and his pal standing next to him told him "Dude, you can't seduce her like that." Another girl character I ran into stripped naked in front of me and started dancing in nothing but a bra and panties. No lie.

Although I never played as a chick on Vanguard, I find it hard to believe things like that would've happened as often as it has on WoW so far. And while both were funny at the time (especially for the fact that I'm a guy in real life), it only goes to show that the age group/maturity level on WoW is leagues behind what is on Vanguard.

These are people who simply don't care whether or not their spelling, grammar, or punctuation is proper because they just want to communicate quickly and with little effort. I've personally encountered plenty of people who type this way yet on Vent or Teamspeak are clearly intelligent, older, mature people.
I'm sure sometimes that's the case, but it's still annoying.

It seems Vanguard lacks these kinds of people because it attracts people that wish to take the game world itself more seriously and share this desire with the vast majority of the players (given you and Tyger's accounts).
I think that's true, and I'd much prefer that type of atmosphere. It's one of the things I like most about the game, in fact.

When I first started playing Vanguard, I expected a lot of the "lol..u got pwned!!11 r u rdy 4 dis nxt quest??" kinda speak, and I was really pleasantly surprised that it wasn't like that. Turned out to be the complete opposite, and it makes for a much more believable game world--not to mention better overall communication among players. I don't know about you, but I find it really hard to read stuff like that sometimes.

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