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Default Re: X wont start with 'glx'

Originally Posted by netllama
If you reinstall the driver with the --force-tls=new option, does that have any impact?

I assume you mean:

sh --force-tls=new

gives the same results (same xorg.conf w/glx and no dri).

In this particular thread of the problem, I started clean and haven't tried
anything other than what I've been told to do. In the past month I've
tried to get glx working, trying tons of stuff, including the 'tls' thing, and...

in looking at my notes, I saw the 'eselect' thing, so, after the above failure:

# eselect opengl show

# eselect set opengl nvidia
!!! Error: can't load module set

Now, that I've commented out 'Load "glx"' and am running from Xorg...

# lsmod | grep -i nv
nvidia 6832884 16
i2c_core 18432 4 nvidia,asb100,eeprom,i2c_i801

Again, thanks for your time.
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