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Default Vanguard : Post your Name/Server

I really wanted to play with some of you guys, but it's a pain searching through all the threads to find names. If your still playing, please put your Name/Level/Class/Main or Alt/Server name/NvNews Name. Please include any other info you'd like. I will update the first post with the info...
Corbijn 28 Sorc M Woefeather - Play Mostly at Night Pacific Time
Divad 15 Druid A Woefeather

Xion X2
Dedrago 18 Cleric M Thunderaxe I play mostly at night after 8 or so. Sometimes I'm on earlier. (EST)
Xionn 16 Sorcerer A Woefeather
Cey 4 Shaman A Thunderaxe

Mr. Hunt
Maeby- 19 Sorcerer - Woefeather
Anyong- 11 Bard - Woefeather

Sarlaiel lvl 29 Dreadknight Woefeather

Andrewxd lvl 18 sorc. Woefeather
Andrewx lvl 8 blood mage - thunderaxe
Lakaiz Lvl 6 Dread Knight - Woefeather

Sugey Boogie lvl 40 Varking Server

Rathmata- 31 necromancer - Florendyl
Howl- 14 dreadknight - Florendyl
Kregor- 15 cleric - Florendyl
Fargo- 13 ranger - Florendyl

On Any Given Sunday!

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