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Default Re: Slow nVidia 5200. 10 fps with glxgears!

Here's all the relevant (and some irrelevant I'm sure) settings in my Bios:

Video BIOS Shadow - Disabled (Was previously Enabled .. changed a few trying to solve problems last night)
C8000-CBFFF Shadow - Disabled
more of these .. etc - all Disabled

Advanced Chipset Features (listed all of these in case anything is of use):
Bank 0/1 DRAM Timing - SDRAM 8/10ns
Bank 2/3 DRAM Timing - SDRAM 8/10ns
Bank 4/5 DRAM Timing - SDRAM 8/10ns
DRAM Bank Interleave - 4-Way
Delay DRAM Read Latch - Auto
MD Drive Strength - Hi
SDRAM Cycle Length - 2
Memory Hole - Disabled
PCI Master Pipeline Req - Enabled
P2C/C2P Concurrency - Enabled
Fast R-W Turn Around - Enabled
System Bios Cacheable - Enabled
Video RAM Cacheable - Disabled
AGP Aperture Size - 128 (was originally 64 - also tried 256)
AGP-4X Mode - Enabled (think I also tried disabled)
AGP Driving Control - Auto (maybe I should set this manually, but don't know what to)
Fast Write Supported - Supported
CPU to PCI Write Buffer - Disabled (was Enabled)
PCI Dynamic Bursting - Disabled (was Enabled)
PCI Master 0 WS Write - Disabled (was Enabled)
PCI Delay Transaction - Disabled (was Enabled)
Delay Transaction - Disabled
PCI Master Reading Caching - Disabled
PCI #2 Access #1 Retry - Disabled (was Enabled)
AGP Master 1 WS Write - Disabled (was Enabled)
AGP Master 1 WS Read - Disabled (was Enabled)
PCI MasterBus Time-Out - 1

Excuse any mistakes. I don't know what most of this means and I've written it by hand then typed it up.

Does it offer any insight?
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