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Default Re: 7900 GS performance issues

Ok, I reinstalled the 6800GT and tested both video cards out with the same 9755 32-bit drivers. I received 54.1 fps at AGP 4x and 54.5 fps at AGP 8x with the 6800 GT. Just a gee wiz thing there with the difference in 4x/8x speed. Anyway, I have the 7900 GS reinstalled now and I got 54.6 fps with it. I might have got a slight increase on the 7900 due to enabling AGP fast writes, but I don't understand why that would be. Either way, you can see that the performance with the two video cards is identical for all intents and purposes. Is this normal under linux? Certainly that isn't the case. Any more info you could use? I have the xorg.conf and nvidia-bug-report from the 6800 if that would be of any use.

*EDIT* -- Just thought of something. I just installed some updated xserver-xorg-dev files and whatnot today for Kubuntu 7.04 before playing musical video cards. That could be what gave me a slight performance boost with the 7900.
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