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Yes this is Redhat 9 I am using and I also recevied the same errors with Redhat 8, so I upgraded thinking it would solve the problem, nope... Get the same thing. I use to use the second released update kernel RH released before the latest for RH8. The main reason I never did use the RH8 latest kernel updates simply because it never worked. I couldn't even recompile that kernel all the way thanks to Redhat developers' way of compiling isn't documented nor the way it should be. What a complete mess. Well the good news is I'm getting away from Redhat and going on to bigger and better things since I'm tired of Redhat's bull crap with how they do everything so differently causing incompatiblity. Also I know I posted this in the Graphics drivers section since it is related in the fact that the kernel drivers are required in order to install the graphics drivers.
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