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Originally posted by schuey74
From what we saw w/ the new Dets, looks like you now have a killer card! I'm sure it's faster than a 9800 up to 1280 in just about every situation! And no dustbuster! Doesn't seem so stupid others were saying. Especially looking at the upcoming cards' prices.
I'm actually just reviewing it but I think I'll keep it in my main rig.
Until a Ultra or 5900 arrives that is.

Well that is, first I've got to finish GTA VC with my Radeon 9700 Pro.
It's simply unplayable on the FX. MASSIVE corrpution everywhere. Textures missing, and then there's sthis strange "Loading..." message every now and then that I never had on the Raddy.

Other than that it's pretty darn sweet.

On another note. Personally I do find the AA to be inferior. And I do notice it not only in stills but in motions.
In GTA where you have the car in roughly the same spot all the time the jaggies quickly become noticable even at 1280x960 with 4x AA. On my 9700 I can't see any apparent jaggies using those settings.

But all in all DetFX sure makes the FX look like a whole new setup of products. No doubt about that.

BTW did I mention that the fan on the Abit card is just a little bit louder than the fan on a 9800 Pro. It's not even close even to gainwards more silent FlowFX solution!

This is one great product and it's not even expensive here in Sweden.

I smell an "Editors Choice" award on the incoming
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