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Question with is the best UNIX x86 system to learn from?

I have already a very stable dual boot, Windows XP SP1 and RedHat 9, all configured OK and my GeForce4 Ti4200 works flawlessly in both OSs.

I just downloaded Solaris 9, 4 ISOs. I just want a goot UNIX system to learn from... I need to know UNIX, since I want to work in the corporate level. I study Computer Cience here in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Do anyone here have any experience to lead me in the right way: learn from Solaris or freeBSD? I already have 3 HDs: one is Windows, other is Linux and the new one, I wish to install a "pure" UNIX system, and learn from it.

Any sugestions? freeBSD, Solaris.... or both? Are they that different, with one has better free documentation, etc?

Thanks for any reply!

PS.: nvidia always awesome... linux and now freeBSD drivers are far beyond anything the competition had come with yet. Keep up the good work!

PS2.: could any of those drivers run on Solaris 9 x86? =]
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