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Default Blackscreen on startup if not NvAGP0 (logs attached)

Hi, on startup of X Linux dies an instant death. Blackscreen and nothing works anymore.

The only workaround is setting NvAGP to 0, which is not really an option, because i want to use beryl and be able to play some games. I need AGP.

I get this error with the Ubuntu kernel as well as a vanilla 2.6.20 compiled without agpgart. With Ubuntu's driver as well as 9746 and 9755.
The same result every time.

My system:
-2gig RAM
-Sparkle 7600 GS
-ABit Mainboard with newest Bios.
-Ubuntu Edgy (up to date)

Attached are:
-nvidia-bugreport (without X running and with NvAGP0)
-versions of kernel and xorg
-Xorg-Log, recorded with sync-mounted hdd, so it should be acuarate up to the very moment, the system crashes.

Anybody got any ideas ?
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