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Question GLXPBuffer and SGIX PBuffer crashed

I have tried the newest 9755 version nv driver with my RHES4 update 3 system, my card is Quadro FX 540, kernel is the SMP version kernel. I have tried to use the GLX pbuffer first: generate fbconfig, create pbuffer, then try to generate glxcontext, it throws errors frequently at context generation, so I tried to handle the exception/error by trying other fbconfig to re-create pbuffer and re-generate glxcontext, my application crash at end of 6~7hours running, the crash is at the glXCreatePbuffer(). Normally, when it is not able to generate the pbuffer using the given parameter, it must generate some errors, but the backtrace tell me the it crashed directly at

After that I tried to use SGIX Pbuffer instead, it runs better, but almostly one crash all the 3 days. It crashes at the glXCreateGLXPbufferSGIX(), without any error returns.

May this be a problem of the nv GL library? somewhere corrupted the OpenGL stack?

BTW, my application need to create pbuffer , use it, destroy it then re-create pbuffer, use it , destroy....., because each rendering request may have different viewport, so in 1 hour's running, important numbers of creating/destroying of pbuffer are needed.
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