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Originally posted by tsubasa
I always have a append line "but different" in my lilo.conf.
Can i add a second append line ?
append = " pci=noacpi pci=biosirq"
no, but you can add the string to your current "append" string.
lets say that you have the following append string:
append = " hdc=ide-scsi"
then you simply add the options afterwards, like that:
append = " hdc=ide-scsi pci=noacpi pci=biosirq"

Originally posted by tsubasa

Linux kernel: 2.4.20, patched with newest acpi and bttv drivers.
How i can DO that ?
I think in my mandrake 9.1 the kernel is 2.4.
This probably isn't needed, but you can try it if everything else fails. The process is quite complicated though. You need to install the kernel-sources of your kernel. Should be a package in your distro. Then you need to download the newest patches from the bttv-homepage and that match your kernel (probably 2.4.20, type "uname -a" to find out) and finally apply the patches by going to /usr/src/linux and running something like "patch -p1 < [path to the patch]". Then recompile the kernel.
It might very well happen that the mandrake kernel-source aren't vanilla and already contain various patches.

Originally posted by tsubasa

IMPORTANT: disable agpgart support in kernel (it only supports AGP x2 for KT400 and not good anyway)

How i can DO that ?
This *is* important. I'd recommend reading about kernel-compiling in the Kernel-HOWTO (checkout the documentation of your distro, should be somewhere in /usr/share/doc/howto...)
In a nutshell: You need to install the kernel-sources of your kernel, then go into /usr/src/linux, run "make menuconfig" => a menu appears, there select "Character devices" and *deselect* "AGP Support" and any drivers for it. Then run "make dep clean bzImage modules modules_install" and if everything went well you've got a new kernel "bzImage" sitting in "/usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/" - copy it to /boot, edit lilo.conf accordignly and reboot. For details refer to the Kernel-HOWTO.

This might seem difficult at the beginning but once it is done it is easy.
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